SurvMicro: assessment of miRNA based prognostic signatures for cancer clinical outcomes by systemized multivariate survival analysis


MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play a key role in post-transcriptional regulation controlling the levels of RNAm. Their role in cancer has being examined by high throughput methods generating valuable sources of public information. miRNA signatures predicting cancer clinical outcomes are emerging. An important step to propose miRNA-based biomarkers before clinical validation is the evaluation in independent cohorts. Although it can be carried out using public data, this task is complex, time consuming, and requires a specialized analyst. Therefore to aid and simplify the evaluation of prognostic miRNA signatures in cancer, we developed SurvMicro, a freely and easy to use web tool that assesses miRNA signatures from publicly available miRNA profiles using multivariate survival analysis. SurvMicro is composed of a wide and updated database of more than 40 cohorts in different tissues and a web tool where multivariable survival analysis can be performed in minutes. We presented some evaluations to portrait the simplicity and straightforward functionality of SurvMicro in Liver and Lung cancer. To our knowledge SurvMicro is the only bioinformatic tool that facilitates the evaluation of multivariate prognostic miRNA signatures in several cancers.

SurvExpress Web Tool & Database

SurvExpress Tutorial

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