GALGO Reloaded (R versions >= 2.9)

GALGO has a re-built for R 3.x. It should be accesible from CRAN.
It can also be accessed here ==> GALGO

OLD Information:
GALGO Reloaded (R versions >= 2.9)

GALGO: An R Package For Selecting Multivariate Statistical Models Using Genetic Algorithms
Victor Trevino and Francesco Falciani
School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK.

Mac OS X needs XCode installed (version >= 3.1), R needs R.methodsS3 and R.OO packages (as specified in the manual/tutorial) then use the source package (gz).
For Windows and Linux it is straight forward as specified in the manual/tutorial.

Use source file if have problems installing Galgo.
For instructions building in Windows see
For building in Mac and Linux, use source zip file, unzip it. Then within the folder containing galgo unzipped folder run: R CMD build galgo OR R CMD build --binary galgo. Then use the generated file to install from R install packages interface.

mac_galgo_1.1.tar_.gz (compiled as source)5.53 MB (windows binary, build on R2.12.2 on 32bits)5.96 MB
linux_galgo_1.1.tar_.gz (compiled as source)5.55 MB (source, GNU Licencing apply)5.74 MB
Tutorial.pdf4.28 MB
Galgo.pdf828.59 KB
mac_galgo_1.1_R_i386-apple-darwin8.11.1.tar_.gz5.75 MB